18 Things You Thought You Were Great At But That’s Just Because You Were Wasted


  1. -Singing 
  2. -Public speaking
  3. -Private speaking
  4. -Talking about politics/religion
  5. -Your job
  6. -Drunk driving
  7. -The Art of Seduction
  8. -The Art of Listening
  9. -The Art of Confrontation
  10. -Predicting the future
  11. -Walking in heels
  12. -Telling a joke
  13. -Locking your front door
  14. -Those smoke rings
  15. -Witty repartee
  16. -Dancing
  17. -Speaking your high school French/Spanish
  18. ‪-Life coaching other alcoholics‬

 [Photo courtesy of mpowerdparent.]




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