Lessons in Adderall (And Drugs Like It)


This visual, courtesy of Buzzfeed, essentially says this. While Adderall is just mentioned briefly in that piece, it really is the main character in this compelling, honest and uncharacteristic Gawker piece on what a lifelong Adderall addict feels like five years after stopping.

In other maybe-drugs-aren’t-a-great-idea news, LiLo’s sick of her rehab and a model we haven’t heard of and who bears a slight but significant resemblance to Axl Rose while still being quite attractive may lose a big modeling contract because she was photographed with a substance that may be coke! [Spoiler alert: she won’t. They never do. Lindsay’s new movie, The Canyons, is due out any day.]

[Photo courtesy of Newsmakeup.com.]

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